Years ago, when you talked about Downtown Phoenix you were talking about a place that wasn’t. Unless you worked there you had no reason to go there, and you were probably okay with that. Now downtown Phoenix has begun to emerge as a creative, collaborative and exciting place to live, work, and play. With the arrival of ASU’s downtown campus, a vibrant arts community, cutting edge entrepreneurs, an amazing food scene, and groups and individuals dedicated to sustainability and a vibrant downtown, Revs. Rob Rynders and Brian Kemp-Schlemmer saw the holy spirit moving in new and exciting ways. After much prayer and discernment City Square Church was born, not as just another church, but as a faith community dedicated to embodying the best of what Downtown Phoenix is becoming.

Since July 2012, City Square Church has been establishing itself in downtown Phoenix as the first progressive faith community committed to gathering where the people of Downtown Phoenix gather, from coffee shops to bars, art galleries to community theatres,  city parks to neighborhood associations. City Square Church is moving beyond the walls of the church to reinvent the way people gather around spirituality generally and Christianity in particular. As God continues to write the story of City Square Church, we invite you to be a part of that story.

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