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April 7, 2019

City Square Church at the Phoenix Pride Parade

Join us in the 2019 Phoenix Pride Parade!

City Square Church proudly participates in the Phoenix Pride Parade every year.

Instead of our regular Sunday Service at Primera Iglesia on Sunday, April 7th, we will meet at 9:30 AM at 3rd Street and Windsor Ave (south of Thomas) and be in the Phoenix Pride Parade.

The parade starts at 10AM with check-in from 8-9:30AM.

The parade route ends at Steele Indian School Park. If you drive, you may want to start the day at the Camelback Park and Ride and take the light rail to Thomas. Then when the parade concludes, you can take the light rail back to your vehicle. If you live along the light rail route, the light rail is convenient for that day.